BRKIN Bread Season 1
Ep.22: Is speech free?
Ep.21: Do Black women respect Black men?
Ep.20: Should Black women be feminists?
Ep.19: Are we saluting our sisters?
Ep.18: Harry and Meghan: The Grift and The purse
Ep.17: Huw Edwards Vs Glodi Wabuela: Justice or just us? Part two
Ep.16: Huw Edwards Vs Glodi Wabuela: Justice or just us? Part one
Ep.15: Hip Hop - I used to love H.E.R
Ep.14: Hip Hop - Business or art
Ep.13: Its Hip Hop- Our top five dead or alive
Ep.12: The Dalai Lama: A mistake or molestation
Ep.11: Are you a fraud if you use AI in business?
Ep.10: Back for the first time
Ep.9: Do Black men value Black women… If their partner isn’t Black?
Ep.8: Is there an agenda to emasculate Black men??
Ep.7: Colourism and Idris Elba, The South has something to say
Ep.6: Are Ukraine refugees racist?
Ep.5: Should Ukraine refugees be sent to Rwanda?
Ep.4: Aisle or window seats who is the best airlines?
Ep.3: Clotted Cream or Jam first on a scone?
Ep.2: Is There A democracy In The UK?
Ep.1: Does PM Rishi Sunak Represent Diversity And Inclusion?
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