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BRKIN Bread is the world’s first audio-visual podcast for the hungry mind. Guests are invited to have dinner, debate and discover over a three-course meal; expertly curated by an African or Caribbean Chef. Guests are diverse in background, ideology and perspectives. 

All views, politically correct, incorrect, controversial or counter-cultural are welcome. All positions are open for challenge. Guests do not know each other or the topics until they are asked at the table. What is captured is the authentic, unfiltered discussions that happen instintinctively.

BRKIN Bread is about the art of conversation. It is an invitation to understand all sides and to be understood. Join us as our virtual guest as we break bread.

BRKIN Bread Season 1 is officially wrapped. BRKIN Bread will be back. For now Watch or listen to BRKIN Bread Season 1.

You can watch BRKIN Bread videos exclusively on Patreon or listen to BRKIN Bread all audio platforms at the links below.

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